Why You Should Use e-Learning for Sexual Harassment Training

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In the modern workplace, sexual harassment training is an absolute must for any office. Some of the do’s and don’ts are self-explanatory, but not everyone grows up with the same standards of what’s acceptable and what’s not, which makes it essential to get everyone on the same page.
One of the best ways to train your staff is with e-learning courses. Online courses are a great way to ensure everyone completes the task’s requirements and understands the material without forcing the company to shut down its day-to-day business. Here are a few great reasons to opt for e-learning for your company’s sexual harassment training!

Interactivity Makes Learning Easier

One of the fundamental truths about education is that not everyone learns the same way. Interactive e-learning courses allow everyone who takes the course to get the required information.
With a visual learner, for example, it might be easier to picture why something isn’t acceptable if they see a video on their screen. An oral learner might hear an off-color joke and realize it doesn’t sound funny from another person’s perspective. There are many possibilities to help get information across.

Employees Learning Time

There aren’t many things more frustrating for an employee than scheduling a meeting, only to postpone it because of a company-wide training. Not only does that make the scheduler look unprofessional to the client, but the client might seek out the competition during that time, costing the company money in the short and long term.
Using e-learning courses fixes this because it allows employees to complete the training at a time that makes sense. If you give employees two weeks to complete a course, they’ll find a free moment to make sure they can pay attention and learn what they need to know. No interruptions to the business are necessary.

Employees Learn At Their Speed

Having 20 or more people take a course at once might be efficient for the business, but it’s not a great way for people to learn. Not everyone learns at the same rate, so when you have everyone try to learn at one speed with in-person sexual harassment training, you’re risking critical information slipping through the cracks. With e-learning courses, that doesn’t happen. Employees can spend as much time as needed on any specific aspect of the training, allowing them to get the information everyone needs to know.
Sexual harassment training is critical to the success and chemistry of a workplace, so it’s vital to ensure everyone understands the standards they need to meet. By using e-learning courses, you can track who’s completed the course and ensure they’re getting the information they need in the most efficient way possible, making the workplace a welcoming place for everyone!

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