DOJ Expands Interpretation of ADA to Include the Internet

The Department of Justice has expanded the interpretation of the Americans with Disability Act to include the Internet, meaning if you have a website and it is not accessible to individuals with a disability you can be sued! This video presented by James Gutierrez, president of Career Resources Incorporated, will discuss your online liabilities and […]

Who is Affected by Web Accessibility

Businesses Need to Ensure Their Website is AccessibleToday’s world functions are largely online; it is where people work, research, plan, communicate and stay up to date. Businesses and organizations are constantly trying to create the latest and greatest website, making certain their site is easy to locate and appealing to customers. But it’s time […]

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March 15, 2007- Disability Rights Advocates along with the National Federation of the Blind reached a settlement with The dispute arose over the accessibility of the major online retail company’s website. Under the agreement, Amazon will take necessary steps to make its site, along with numerous other affiliated company websites, accessible to individuals having […]

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