ADA Compliance is YOUR Responsibility

H&R Block and many other corporations have fallen victim to lawsuits regarding website compliance. As special interest groups partner with highly aggressive and opportunistic attorneys seeking to rake in substantial settlement fees by pushing through the courts countless lawsuits under the umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), companies need to be […]

Charles Schwab Settles Year Long Dispute over Web Accessibility

Charles Schwab, a leading provider in the financial industry, recently settled an accessibility dispute over their website. The claims came from long time customer Kit Lau.  Lau, a visually impaired customer alleged the company’s website was inaccessible to low vision, blind or cognitively challenged users.After a yearlong battle, in 2011 both parties agreed to enter […]

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American Cancer Society Agrees to Make Website Accessible

In 2009 a dispute arose over the accessibility of the American Cancer Society’s information materials. Materials including the nonprofits website, brochures and documents were being presented in formats that were inaccessible to the visually impaired. In February of 2009, The American Council of the Blind notified the American Cancer Society of the dispute and offered to initiate in Structured Negotiations in order to avoid a lawsuit.

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