image of the Twin Towers being crashed into on 9/11EEOC claimed Harassment Based on Muslim Religion and Middle Eastern/South Asian National Origin

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) announced today that a settlement in the amount of $525,000 of its current lawsuit with Plaza Hotel, Resorts, Inc., Hotel Management, and Fairmont Hotel.The lawsuit that was filed in U.S District Court (Civil Action No..3-CV-7680) was based upon claims of discrimination, post the events of September 11, 2001, against So. Asian and Arab employees due to their national origin and religion. The employees claimed that the harassment was pervasive and severe and they were continually insulted with offensive and derogatory names due to their national origin.The Senior Trial Attorney for EEOC, Sunu P. Chandy, stated the allegations of harassment based upon one’s religion or national origin are taken very seriously by EEOC and they the agency will continue to pursue cases like this to protect the employees. Chandy also applauded the employees, calling them brave and commending them for stepping forward and encourages other employees that suffer the same type of harassment to step forward.The EEOC the nation’s anti-discrimination laws in the nation’s workplace based on national origin, religion, race, color, sex, retaliation, and disability. EEOC its website