Oral Arts Laboratory pays $115,000 for Hiring Discrimination

Oral Arts Laboratory, Inc., a dental manufacturing and lab company, has entered into a conciliation agreement with OFCCP wherein they will pay $115,000 to remedy a claim of systemic hiring discrimination.  The corporate headquarters, located in Huntsville, Alabama, was the subject of an audit by the OFCCP that uncovered areas of systemic discrimination from November 2011 through November 2013. During the audit, it was discovered that the contractor had discriminated against 19 African American and 83 female applicants who had been denied technician positions in the dental lab.  In addition, 57 male applicants were denied shipping positions.

OFCCP Settlements and Findings:

  • As part of the hiring process for Dental Lab Technicians, Oral Arts utilized dexterity testing not supported by Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures
  • The contractor rejected male applicants for shipping positions due to the fact that they stereotyped the position as a “female” job
  • The OFCCP determined that Oral Arts was in violation of Executive Order 11246 based on their hiring practices which systematically discriminated against African-American, male, and female applicants
  • Oral Arts will pay $115,000 in back pay plus interest to the 159 African American, female, and male applicants who were denied employment
  • The company will extend employment offers to a minimum of 19 of the affected class members as positions become available

Oral Arts holds over $2 million in government contracts with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The company was not monitoring its hiring practices and was unaware that they were in violation of their obligations as a federal contractor.

Career Resources, Inc. is an affirmative action consultancy.  We are here to assist federal contractors in reviewing their selection process and conduct analyses to identify and prevent issues similar to what occurred at Oral Arts from arising.

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