OFCCP Files Lawsuit against WMS Solutions LLC Based on Allegations of Harassment, Abuse, and Discrimination against Hispanic Workers

Affirmative Action Plan

WMS Solutions LLC, a Baltimore Maryland staffing agency, which provided employees to government contractors, is facing harsh allegations of abuse, harassment, and discrimination against Hispanic construction workers. The allegations against WMS Solutions LLC by the OFCCP after reviewing the company’s compliance with Executive Order 11246 during an audit.  Based on their review, the OFCCP determined that the agency hired Hispanic workers at a higher selection rate than non-Hispanic workers.  The OFCCP also determined that once hired, the agency had full knowledge that supervisors were harassing and physically assaulting the Hispanic workers and threatening the workers with deportation.  The OFCCP has presented these allegations in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Labor. In the suit against WMS Solutions LLC, the OFCCP is also alleging that the company discriminated against non-Hispanic applicants, paid female employees less than males employees, and allotted fewer work hours for Caucasian, African American, and female workers.

OFCCP Findings & Allegations:

  • Since February 2011, WMS preferentially hired Hispanic workers
  • The agency was aware that site supervisors were abusing and harassing Hispanic workers and allowed the actions to continue
  • WMS intimidated workers with video footage of deported and detained Hispanic laborers
  • WMS discriminated against non-Hispanic applicants
  • WMS paid female employees less than male employees
  • WMS allotted fewer work hours for African American, Caucasian, and female workers
  • OFCCP filed a lawsuit when they could not obtain an agreement with WMS to compensate the affected workers with pay back wages and interest, provide a harassment-free work environment, and extend employment offers to rejected job applicants.

WMS Solutions LLC provided employees to contractors for work on construction projects around the Washington, D.C. region.  During the time of the allegations, the company held over $6 million in federal construction subcontracts.  The agency allegedly allowed Hispanic workers to be exploited, abused, harassed and then refused to work with the OFCCP to correct their actions.  These choices will most likely cost WMS a substantial amount of time and money.

If you have questions regarding possible harassment or discrimination issues at your company, please contact Career Resources, Inc.

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