Quality vs. Quantity- OFCCP’s Evaluation of Outreach Efforts in an Audit

There seems to be a misconception among contractors concerning what is considered acceptable in terms of outreach efforts towards the employment of females, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.  The misconception stems from the notion of quantity vs. quality.

Many federal contractors believe that their obligation is fulfilled by merely sending job postings to numerous outreach organizations.  In reality, the OFCCP would rather see a contractor build successful relationships with outreach organizations that are beneficial to the contractor in attracting qualified candidates and advantageous to the outreach organizations whose goal is to place individuals from protected groups.

In an audit, the OFCCP would look more favorably upon a contractor who had established meaningful relationships with a few outreach organizations who had provided the contractor with qualified candidates instead of a contractor who sent an email blast to numerous outreach organizations and received no responses.  Besides, in an audit, the OFCCP would expect to see that a contractor monitors its outreach efforts regularly. Where a contractor’s efforts are unsuccessful, the OFCCP would expect that the contractor identifies new outreach sources and build relationships to increase their representation of protected groups.

For contractors, this isn’t easily accomplished because of the time and effort involved in establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. The payoff, however, will be that the contractor will benefit from receiving employee referrals, a better outcome in an audit, and a more diverse workforce.

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