OFCCP Answers Questions at a Recent National Conference

Vets 4212

At a recent conference on affirmative action, several questions came up, which required follow up answers.  Below you will find these questions and answers.  I strongly advise all contractors to read and follow through with the information provided.

Question:  Can companies create an electronic version of the disability self-ID form in one window and the radio button responses in a separate window?

Follow Up:  No.  Companies must show the entire record, including the radio button choices embedded in the document.

Question: After initial security certificates issues, is the 2015 VETS-4212 site open for report submission?

Follow up: The initial security certificate issues with the new 4212 site have been resolved, and the site is now ready for data submissions.  The deadline to submit data is on September 30, 2015.  It is best to submit your data as early as possible to avoid the flood of late filers.

Question:  I can’t log in to file my Vets 4212 report; it indicates that my password is expired.

Follow up: Go to the bottom of the login page to request a new password.

Vets Help Desk Info:

Phone: 866-237-0275

website: customersupport@dol.gov

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