OFCCP Announces the Contractor Compliance Institute

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The OFCCP under the Trump administration has kept its promise of transparency and increased compliance assistance for contractors. The new town hall meetings and outreach to the contractors is a positive step forward. Under the Obama administration, Director Pat Shui halted OFCCP’s collaboration with the federal contractor community and destroyed decades of mutual respect and trust that existed since the creation of the agency.  

Today, OFCCP announced the Contractor Compliance Institute (CCI), was created to assist contractors in understanding their affirmative action obligations. The CCI will provide contractors with on-demand access to a variety of eLearning courses, including Section 503 Focused Reviews and Functional Affirmative Action Programs. There will also be training tools to ensure contractors are providing equal employment opportunities to applicants, and ongoing updates for OFCCP.

To signup for the CCI you can create an account at https://secure.login.gov/sign_up/enter_email?request_id=0d4d60c8-5bd0-4f07-8fa8-a2aee5d2b8c7

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