Is your Company Compliant with Sexual Harassment Training Laws?

Sexual Harassment Training Discussion

In 2019, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received 7,514 complaints of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace. No one should fear coming to work due to unwelcome sexual advances or comments, yet the numbers show we’re still not where we need to be as far as sexual harassment training and prevention.

Many but not all employers mandate sexual harassment training for their staff. Some states only require training for state and executive government agency employees. In California; however, any employer with at least five employees must complete sexual harassment training for all employees.

This short guide below outlines a few pieces of pertinent information, including updates about the training deadline.

How Critical Is Training?

Everyone in your company has the right to expect their employer to provide a safe working environment. Safe doesn’t only mean free from hazards that could cause injury. Employers also must make sure their employees don’t experience hostility due to gender identity.

It’s not solely a matter of protecting employees. Allowing sexual harassment in the workplace increases an employer’s risk of lawsuits and the accompanying penalties and financial responsibilities. California sexual harassment laws protect employees and employers.

Beyond satisfying state-mandated requirements, training is the best practice for any organization interested in reducing their risk of legal problems associated with sexual harassment.

Training Deadline

In 2018, California introduced Senate Bill 1343, which requires employers with at least five employees to provide sexual harassment training. Initially, affected businesses had until January 1, 2020, to comply with the new laws.

Both supervisory and non-supervisory employees must complete training. Supervisors participate in two hours of training every two years, and all other staff receives one hour of training.

In 2019, California’s governor extended the deadline for initial compliance. The new deadline is January 1, 2021. If you have not yet had your staff complete training, do so as soon as possible to ensure your company is compliant with state and federal laws.

If an employer-provided training in 2019, they’re considered compliant and will not need to provide subsequent training for another two years.

With the current global health crisis, many employers did not complete training early in 2020. Stay-at-home orders made in-person training impossible. Almost a year later, employers still find it challenging to provide in-person training.

While businesses in most cases hoped for an extension of the deadline, to date, that hasn’t happened. Therefore, all covered employers must meet the deadline.

Online Training Solutions

Even though in-person training may not be possible right now, California employers required to provide sexual harassment training can offer alternatives to on-site training programs.

Employees can attend an online training course today that is compliant with California State Law SB 1343 to meets the state’s legal requirement.

Ready to Register Your Staff for an online training session today?

Since the deadline still stands, employers will want to make sure they have a training program in place as soon as possible. The best course will offer a robust online experience that allows attendees to complete the program at their own pace.

Career Resources, Inc. offers a comprehensive training course for both supervisory and non-supervisory staff.  Enroll today or take a demo course in our e-learning format and ensure your company is compliant!

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