Asian woman looking at a newspaper- affirmative action programTo successfully attract qualified candidates, federal contractors should ensure that their job postings are:·      Specific·      Relevant·      Objective·      Measurable

How your job post should function:

Job postings should clearly communicate to potential candidates the exact functions, requirements, and responsibilities of the position. Candidates should be able to easily determine whether they meet the minimum qualifications for a posted position by aligning their experience, education, background, skills, etc. with what is outlined on the job posting. In addition, recruiters should be able to review resumes that have been submitted for a specific position and determine whether the candidates have met the minimum qualifications for the position in terms of whether they possess the required experience, education, background, skills, etc. If a federal contractor clearly outlines the criteria of a position, job seekers would have a clear understanding of whether they possess the experience and skills required for the position, as would recruiters who screen resumes determining whether candidates are qualified. If contractors find that they are receiving resumes that are not in line with what they are looking for or it is difficult to determine whether candidates are qualified for the posted position, there is most likely miscommunication in terms of the job posting.

Why internal job descriptions need to correspond to external job descriptions:

image of a person on tablet looking for a job from an affirmative action employerContractors also need to ensure that their internal job descriptions correspond with external job postings and that the job descriptions are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they detail the actual functions of the position. This is not only important in attracting the best candidates to fill open positions, but it is also crucial because, during an audit, the OFCCP can request job descriptions to determine whether job postings/descriptions are screening people out unnecessarily when the actual functions of the position don’t match the specified duties and requirements.When investigating selection decisions that have been made, the OFCCP can also use a contractor’s job postings/descriptions to determine for themselves which candidates are considered qualified for positions that were filled during the reporting time period under review in an audit.


In summary, we recommend that federal contractors continually review their job postings/descriptions to ensure that qualifications, requirements, and duties are clearly stated, objective, and correspond with the actual functions of the positions. If you have questions concerning your job postings/descriptions please feel free to contact Career Resources, Inc. at