Image of a job application for a federal contractor under affirmative action responsibilitiesFederal contractors have the obligation to undertake outreach efforts to attract qualified females, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. In an audit, particularly where underutilization of any group has been identified, the OFCCP will request documentation regarding these outreach efforts including details in terms of specific candidates who have been referred. Contractors are also required to evaluate the overall impact of their outreach and recruitment efforts for these protected groups. ( also see “Assessment of Outreach”) If during this evaluation the contractor concludes that its efforts were not effective in recruiting qualified females, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities, it must implement alternative outreach methods.In terms of the specific information that OFCCP would expect to see with regard to outreach efforts, the following documentation is typically requested in an OFCCP audit:

  • Name of outreach organizations
  • Type of outreach organization (i.e. geared toward females, minorities, protected veterans, individuals with disabilities)
  • Contact information at each of the organizations
  • Date of contact with each of the organizations
  • Correspondence with the organizations
  • Referrals received from each organization
  • Evaluation of outreach efforts

In the event that the OFCCP determines that a contractor’s outreach efforts are insufficient to address any areas of underutilization, the OFCCP would require a contractor to implement more rigorous outreach efforts and may require the contractor to periodically report to OFCCP with regard to their revised efforts and progress toward goals.It is imperative that contractors ensure that they monitor, evaluate, and revise as needed their outreach efforts in order to demonstrate good faith efforts toward addressing any areas of underutilization and achieving any identified goals. If you need assistance with your outreach efforts please contact us-