How to Identify and Manage Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the Workplace

While we usually hear about bullying in the context of school-aged children, bullying doesn’t always stop when you graduate.

Unfortunately, there are people in workplaces who experience bullying. Negative feelings brought on by bullying will also lead to the individuals leaving their job or even being let go. But there are solutions to manage and mitigate these issues, like online anti-bullying training.

Bullying isn’t only dangerous for the people involved but your business as well. Taking precautions against bullying is great risk management protection. Detect bullying in the workplace and develop solutions like anti-bullying training.

Identifying Bullying In the Workplace

There are many ways bullying can present itself in the workplace. Whether it’s verbal, social, or even physical, bullying takes its toll on your employees. When your employees are struggling, it affects their lives, happiness, and performance at work. 

Bullying in the workplace is usually meant to intimidate, humiliate, or isolate someone else. This will often be presented as teasing, criticism, unfair treatment, and even being misled about work duties. 

Manage Bullying

Most of the time, bullying isn’t noticeable for management or supervisors, usually intended for the bully. 

Unfortunately, even if you don’t notice, it can still be happening. 

Online Anti-Bullying Training

The best way to prevent bullying in the first place is by educating your employees about what it is and how they might participate in it.

Demonstrating how to be a supportive member of the team and learning how to treat your coworkers with respect and kindness can go a long way! When everyone is kind to each other, your workplace not only runs more smoothly but more effectively.

Take Action: Risk Management Protection

Bullying is not only a personal degradation but a professional one as well. Risk management protection is essential for maintaining your business’s integrity. Bullying in the workplace threatens those securities.

Assigning anti-bullying training can not only protect your company but its employees too. They rely on you for support and protection, including protected minorities. 

When you see someone being bullied or hear from another employee that it could be happening, take action. While training can prevent it, only people can stop it. As a manager or supervisor, you have the responsibility to take charge in instances that affect your employee’s well-being.

Use Anti-Bullying Training to Help Educate Your Employees

Bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated. That’s why it’s essential to have online anti-bullying training in place to mitigate those risks.

Risk management protection goes beyond sexual harassment. It should include efforts on your part to stop or prevent bullying in your workplace.

For anti-bullying training, please look at what we have developed for California, New York, and Illinois. Bullying laws can protect employees, but so can you by taking the first steps to start an anti-bullying training program! 

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