Hillshire Brands Co. in Florence, Alabama will pay $330,000 to Settle Charge of Systemic Hiring Discrimination with OFCCP

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During a compliance review of Hillshire Brands Co. (formerly Sara Lee Food & Beverage), the US Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) found that men were steered towards dumper/stacker positions. Female workers were directed towards biscuit assembler jobs, even though both jobs called for the same experience.

OFCCP Settlement and Findings

  • Because there was a lower number of dumper/stacker jobs than sandwich assembly positions available, a substantial hiring disparity was identified for 2,474 male applicants.
  • Hillshire Brands Co. will be paying $330,000 in back pay and benefits and interest to male applicants who were not selected.
  • Hillshire Brands Co. will extend 73 employment offers to the affected class members as openings occur.
  • Hillshire Brands Co. will modify its selection process to eliminate steering practices based on gender stereotyping.
  • Hillshire Brands Co. will train its managers about their AAP responsibilities and educate them on its revised selection process.

Take Away

Since the inception of Executive Order 11246; contractors have been concerned with discriminatory hiring practices that negatively impact women and completely overlooking hiring practices that could adversely affect men.  One of the primary reasons has been that OFCCP, for over 20+ years, has walked past indicators of hiring discrimination against males and has focused on female hiring issues.  In today’s OFCCP audit environment, OFCCP tests for discrimination for both genders and individual groups by race.  Contractors should mirror OFCCP’s process and identify any disparities in hiring and pay for all groups of people.

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