Genlyte Thomas will Pay $275K for Discrimination Toward Female Employees

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Genlyte Thomas Group, LLC, an indoor and outdoor lighting company, has entered a conciliation agreement with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to resolve allegations of sex-based wage discrimination. The allegations surfaced after a routine audit conducted by the OFCCP, where the agency found Genlyte had discriminated against professional female employees.

Conciliation Findings and Agreement

  • The OFCCP found that Genlyte had discriminated against 51 female professionals at its Fall River headquarters and several other facilities by paying female employees in various sales and management positions less than their male counterparts in similarly situated positions within the company.
  • Genlyte violated Executive Order 11246 by having discriminatory pay practices that impacted female employees.
  • Genlyte will pay $275,000 to affected female employees for lost wages with interest, and guarantee to offer all employees equal employment opportunities.
  • Genlyte will review and revise existing guidelines for determining starting salaries.
  • Genlyte will evaluate salary increases and starting salaries to determine if they have an inexplicably negative effect on the compensation of female workers.
  • Genlyte will revise policies to eradicate adverse pay practices, monitor its compensation procedures, and train all individuals involved in determining compensation.
  • Genlyte agrees to ensure all of the company’s compensation practices comply with federal law.


OFCCP continues to focus on pay discrimination during compliance audits. The list of federal contractors that have recently settled with OFCCP should be a wake-up call for all federal contractors. Genlyte could have avoided this costly settlement by adequately monitoring the company’s compensation practices. Federal contractors should not only ensure they have an affirmative action program but also consistently monitor the program to ensure an adverse impact is not occurring place in any position.

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