Fastenal Company Pays $1 Million to Settle Hiring Discrimination

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Fastenal Company, the country’s largest distributor of fastening products, has settled allegations of discrimination with the OFCCP.

In an investigation conducted by the OFCCP, the agency found Fastenal had discriminated against applicants seeking general warehouse positions at two of the company’s facilities, one located in Atlanta and the other in Indianapolis.

The OFCCP also suspects the company hindered the audit by failing to provide or destroying records at both locations.

OFCCP Settlement and Findings:

  • Fastenal discriminated towards 171 applicants seeking general warehouse positions
  • The company allegedly destroyed or failed to provide records from two facilities in an attempt to hinder the investigation
  • Fastenal used testing and screening procedures that were discriminatory towards women and African Americans
  •  Under the conciliation agreement, the federal contractor will pay $1,253,611 in back wages with interest to 1,055 females and 7,398 African American applicants in the affected class
  • Fastenal agrees to hire 17 female class members and 154 African American
  • The company also agrees to discontinue utilizing discriminatory tests and to amend recordkeeping and hiring procedures to ensure they are in full compliance with federal contractor obligations

The violations listed occurred when Fastenal received over $35 million in federal contracts for its products. While the company denies the allegations, they have agreed to the terms under the conciliation agreement. Fastenal could have avoided this settlement had they routinely monitored their hiring processes and been in compliance with federal contractor requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the violations or requirements discussed in this settlement or your company’s affirmative action obligations, contact Career Resources, Inc.

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