EEOC’s Recent Sexual Harassment Suits

Manager touching female employee's shoulder

Around 1/5 of adults have stated that they faced sexual harassment while at work. Sexual harassment is something that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission takes very seriously.

The EEOC has gone head to head with some high-profile companies this year alone. To make it known that they won’t overlook any sexual harassment claims made by workers. If you’re curious about the most recent harassment suits that the EEOC has taken on, continue to read now.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

The correct sexual harassment definition is any advance made by one person to another that’s unwanted. When people go to work every day, they shouldn’t do so with the fear that they will have to watch their backs.

Your employees shouldn’t worry about being uncomfortable when all they want to do is their job. Any type of sexual advance or sexual comment that is unwanted should be prohibited according to company policy.

And when there is a breach of policy, it should be dealt with swiftly to show others that sexual harassment is not something that will be taken lightly. Taking the time to ensure you’ve got the proper sexual harassment training in place will help when it comes to the issue of workplace harassment.

Maryland Cannabis Dispensary

AMMA Investment Group and Natures Medicines are the next company that has found themselves on the receiving end of an EEOC lawsuit. The reason being is that a general manager was accused of groping and making suggestive comments to multiple females and a male employee.

Unfortunately, the EEOC wasn’t able to reach an agreement during the pre-litigation phase. But, they are still fighting to have those affected by the general manager compensated for the harassment they endured.

Pediatric Practice

The final lawsuit that we will shine a light on is a suit filed on behalf of a registered nurse. She reported inappropriate touching by a physician that worked within the same practice. The HR department of the practice did conduct an investigation and found no evidence to support her claims, and this is where the EEOC stepped in.

A part of the EEOC lawsuit claims that employees who report claims shouldn’t have to fear the loss of their job or other retaliation. And those affected should receive compensation for their suffering during these unwanted incidences.

Sexual Harassment: Not Now, Not Ever

When it comes to sexual harassment, the EEOC is here to show companies and workers that they won’t stand for it. They will defend those who have made claims that fell on deaf ears and do what they can to get those affected justice.

Take the steps needed to properly train your employees on what it means to refrain from sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s your duty both morally and legally to train your staff.

Training to prevent situations like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Contact Career Resources Inc and let us help you implement the sexual harassment training that you and your employees need today.

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