DOL Sues Convergys for not Complying with OFCCP Investigation

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The Department of Labor is suing Convergys Customer Management Group, Inc. for failing to comply with an investigation of their employment practices. The lawsuit filed will require Convergys to submit its affirmative action plans for their North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia facilities. Convergys is a worldwide customer service management provider that employs over 125,000 workers in 31 countries and 22 national locations. The company provides self-service and agent-assisted software to the federal government.

Lawsuit Details

  • Convergys will be required to supply the OFCCP with all information and documents requested
  • The federal contractor must be cooperative with all future compliance evaluations
  • The company must fully comply with the obligations of all laws required by the OFCCP
  • In the event Convergys fails to comply, the DOL will pursue canceling current federal contracts with the company and ban them from acquiring contracts in the future

In closing

This is the second time a suit has been filed against Convergys, the company has refused to comply with recommendations.  The DOL’s latest action is to attain affirmative action plans from the company’s facilities in Tamarac and Jacksonville, Florida; Valdosta, Georgia, Clarksville, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a federal contractor, Convergys’ is required to adhere to affirmative action obligations.  Contracts must be aware of the consequences of failing to comply with federal contractor obligations and maintain an affirmative action plan.

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