Deadline for California Sexual Harassment Training was January 1, 2021

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment lawsuits cost companies tens of millions of dollars. You can avoid sexual harassment lawsuits with the right sexual harassment training. 

Plus, you’ll be complying with California law. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about California law regarding sexual harassment training and what a good training course provides. 

What California Law Says

In the past, California companies with 50 or more employees had to legally provide sexual harassment education and training to their supervising employees. However, the law has changed. 

California law SB-1343 requires all California employers with 5 or more employees to provide training by January 1, 2021. The deadline is looming. Plus, companies must have both supervisory and non-supervisory employees take the training. 

Furthermore, the law requires companies to provide this training in both English and Spanish. 

The sexual harassment training course must be minimum of one hour of training for employees and at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors. These courses can be taken online. 

If you want to fully comply with California law, find a course that meets the requirements of California Government Code Section 12950. This section combines Assembly Bills 1825 and 2053, Senate Bill 778, 396, 1343, and 1300. 

Once you have your employees finish a training course, be aware that these same employees need to complete sexual harassment training every two years. If you hire a new employee, they must complete sexual harassment training within their first six months of working for you. 

Career Resources, Inc. courses have all of the components that California sexual harassment law requires. Furthermore, our courses are designed to go above compliance and exceed CA state and federal requirements. Your employees receive the best training when they take a course from us. 

Online and Bi-Lingual

Per California law, we offer online courses so your employees can take them easily. An online course will also make it easier to meet California’s deadline for sexual harassment training, 1/1/2021 to be exact. 

You will receive efficient business training and meet the business deadline when you take a course with us. 

The Best Sexual Harassment Course

The best sexual harassment training will follow a basic sexual harassment procedure. It will outline real-life examples and guide you on the federal and state laws which protect employees. 

Online sexual harassment training like what we provide is interactive and self-paced. Good training will be broken into modules that test the employee at the end of each module. Once an employee has finished the training, they should receive a certificate that indicates they’ve complied with the law. 

Our employee course consists of two thirty-minute modules. Employees can access the modules at any time.

The sexual harassment training course for supervisors consists of four thirty-minute modules. Like the employee course, the manager course consists of real-life examples. It also covers the ways a supervisor can prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace.

If you’re leery about the quality of a course, you can always try a demonstration before you commit financially to purchasing a course for all of your employees. 

Stay Compliant, Stay Safe

Do not miss the sexual harassment training deadline. A quality sexual harassment training course such as ours will not only comply with the law, but it will provide your employees and managers with critical skills that will keep your company safe. 

Register today before the deadline passes and you find yourself in trouble. 

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