Woman Crossing The Finish Line With Colleagues Running- Competitive Promotion, Affirmative Action PlanThere is confusion among the contractor community with regard to promotions and how to distinguish between competitive and non-competitive selections. We want to shed some light on this area and help to clear up the confusion.Why is it important to know the difference? In an audit, you will be required to submit your definition of a promotion and the OFCCP may request an explanation of your process in detail including how competitive and non-competitive promotions occur. During an audit, the OFCCP may also request your detailed promotion data including the pool of candidates who applied for a competitive promotion. Because the OFCCP will analyze your competitive and non-competitive promotions to determine whether any adverse impact exists, it is crucial that your data is analyzed before you submit any information to the OFFCP so that you are aware of any potential problem areas that come up during an audit.What is a competitive promotion?Generally, a competitive promotion occurs when individuals compete for and are considered for a position that results in a promotion. In this situation, there would be a pool of candidates that, in an audit, would be compared against the selection that was made to determine whether any adverse impact exists.What is a non-competitive promotion?If no other individuals are considered where a promotion occurred, and the movement was more of an “in-line” or “step” promotion, this would be defined as a non-competitive promotion. In this situation, there would not be a pool of candidates to compare against the selection that was made.If you are still struggling to understand the difference between a competitive and non-competitive promotions, or if you have any other affirmative action questions please contact us at info@crincororated.com