image of Kate-Talent Acquisition Operations Affirmative Action Plans

“Thank you so much for taking the time to train the team. We have received very positive feedback on the session. My favorite comment was, ‘James was such an engaging speaker. He was able to take such a boring topic like compliance and made it very interesting. Great storyteller!”

-Kate B.Talent Acquisition Operations

“In addition to addressing any compliance issues that I might run across, James is well versed in virtually all general management and administrative aspects of business. He has become a trusted advisor as a result. I would strongly recommend that anyone that even thinks that they have an HR compliance issue consult with James and Career Resources, Inc.”

-Scott A .CEO

Image of Victoria Director of HR- Affirmative Action Plan testimonial

“Just received official notification from the OFCCP. We passed our audit with NO findings! Huge thanks to  James Gutierrez and his team at Career Resources, Inc for all their expert advice and council. I am so happy to have you on my team! THANK YOU! ”

-Victoria D. Director of HR

Picture of Kim Brazil

“I worked with James and Career Resources, Inc. to prepare our Affirmative Action Plans for several years. They were consistently responsive and results-oriented. James, in particular, was a great business partner to our HR team by ensuring a good service level and being available for advice year-round.”

Kim B. Recruiter, Sacramento

Image of Cathy Akin, Human Resource Partner

I have hired Career Resources, Inc. at several companies to create or update our Affirmative Action Plan. I believe our business relationship started before 1995. The company is very professional and knowledgeable. The team is always pleasant to work with, e.g. positive and upbeat. Most importantly, CRI conducts business with professionalism. CRI provides excellent guidance and advice. I can provide an unconditional reference for Career Resources.”

-Cathy A. Vice President of Human Resources

“James and his team at Career Resources have proven to be a valuable resource to my clients who are required under federal law to have an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). His experience working with the OFCCP and the EEOC allows James to consult in developing compliant AAPs, advise on effective implementation, and to serve as a liaison with the OFCCP during audits. He has saved my clients many thousands of dollars in fees and penalties and his services are of the highest quality at a very reasonable cost.”

-Ann Marie T. President/Owner, HR Source Consulting, Inc.

Picture of K. Rupert

“I had the honor and pleasure of working with Career Resources, the team’s extreme professionalism and attention to detail made working with them one of the greatest experiences in my professional career. CRI has an uncanny ability to listen to concerns and new ideas, formulate the correct path, and has the wisdom of someone years his senior. James, president of CRI, is what I would call the pinnacle of both an employer and a teammate, and given an opportunity to work with him again, I would. I know James as a mentor, leader, teammate, and friend and I became a better employee and manager working with him and his team’s expertise. It is rare in this day and age to find someone that has the experience and wisdom to lead but also the humbleness of self to be a team player.”

-Kim R.Vice President of Operations

Linda R. giving her testimonial on Career Resources and meeting Executive Order 11246.

“I have used Career Resources for years with help in the preparation of my company’s Affirmative Action Plan. I always received excellent service and a great plan ready for OFCCP review. In addition, James always made a point of staying in direct contact with me in case anything was needed. I highly recommend James and Career Resources.”

-Linda R. Manager HR, Florida

Robert M. Regional Director of HR, Image for testimonial of his partnership with CRI for an Affirmative Action Plan

I have hired Career Resources, Inc. at several companies to create or update our Affirmative Action Plan. I believe our business relationship started before 19“Career Resources, Inc. is both a pleasure to work with and a true expert in his field. I secured the services of CRI in response to a pending compliance audit within an operating unit of K2 Inc. CRI not only produced the necessary Affirmative Action plans on an extremely short timeline but provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire review process. I highly recommend the Career Resources team without reservation.”

-Robert M. Regional Director of HR

Maria M. Testimonial for EEO plan

I have worked with James for over 20 yrs. He is someone you could count and depend on to assist you in all EEO situations.

-Maria M. Director of HR at Permaswage

Image of Susan P. Human Resource Manager, San Diego. Testimonial on her Affirmative Action Program with CRI

“I used Career Resources for many years. They prepared a complex Affirmative Action Plan and provided training for my managers. For me, working with CRI was a pleasure. The team is knowledgeable and definitely does a thorough job. I can attest to the caliber of the product as we did have audits that passed with flying colors. I highly recommend this company for any of your HR related needs.”

-Susan P. Human Resource Manager, San Diego

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