Image of buildings with the word "Outreach" for Veterans and Disabled. Outreach is an important part of an affirmative action planWe want to ensure that all federal contractors are aware that the revised regulations for Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act, as amended (VEVRAA) and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended require contractors to evaluate the overall impact of their outreach and recruitment for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.What contractors need to do:Current regulations require that contractors make assessment of outreach and recruitment efforts and document this evaluation each year. The evaluation needs to include the criteria the contractor used to evaluate the effectiveness of each effort and the contractor´s conclusion as to whether each effort was effective. If the contractor concludes that totality of its efforts was not effective in identifying and recruiting qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities, it must implement alternative outreach and recruitment methods. Contractors must retain their evaluations for three years, to allow them to assess the success of their outreach and recruitment efforts for veterans and individuals with disabilities over time.Below is a sample assessment of outreach and recruitment form.Note: this chart is a sample created by OFCCP to use as a guide and is for demonstration purposes only. Assessment Of Outreach 2016Recommendation to contractors:Although we have yet to see how the OFCCP will proceed in terms of requesting this information in an audit, our recommendation is that you begin documenting and evaluating all outreach information that would demonstrate your good faith efforts to the OFCCP.If you have any questions or concerns regarding your assessment of outreach or any of your affirmative action needs, contact Career Resources: