Aramark Educational Services Settles Charges of Race and Gender Discrimination with OFCCP

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Aramark Education Services LLC has settled race and gender discrimination charges with the OFCCP and will pay 335 African American males $165,000 in back wages with interest. The company has agreed to a conciliation agreement following an OFCCP investigation from 2008 to 2010, where Aramark was found to practice hiring discrimination in violation of Executive Order 11246.

OFCCP Settlement and Findings

  • OFCCP found Aramark discriminated towards 335 African American male job applicants applying foodservice employment at the Lubbock, Texas facility
  • Aramark has agreed to enter into a conciliation agreement and will pay $165,000 in back pay with interest to the 335 affected class members
  • The federal contractor also agrees to offer 53 original applicants employment as positions open
  • Aramark agrees to revise and review selection procedures and offer improved education to hiring managers to eliminate any practices resulting in race and gender discrimination

Aramark is headquartered in Philadelphia and has received over $36 million in government contracts during the OFCCP audit, providing products and services to various government agencies and departments.  The federal contractor could have avoided this settlement if they had consistently monitored their hiring practices and affirmative action obligations.

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