Affirmative Action Plan data values not to exceed 100%

financial manager analyzing charts and graphs

A contractor’s Affirmative Action Plan job group availability estimate should not exceed 100%. Nonetheless, there are residence data tables contained in the Census 2000 Special EEO File where some values exceed 100% or where the sum of males and the sum of females does not equal to the total reported in the table.

These discrepancies are due to rounding by the Census Bureau to avoid disclosing individual respondent data according to the Census Bureau’s Disclosure Review Board policy. If a contractor finds a Census 2000 data table where the sum of the data is greater than 100%, and/or the overall total does not equal to the sum of the males and females (or minorities [e.g.,  All others, including Hispanic] and non-minorities [White non-Hispanic]), the contractor should recalculate the totals and percentages using the raw data reported in the table when estimating the Affirmative Action Plan job group availability.

The percentage of recalculation should be determined based on the sum of males plus the sum of females (or minorities and non-minorities) divided by the recalculated total for the group to determine the availability estimate.  As a footnote, if your Affirmative Action Plan identifies job groups that are underutilized by females, minorities, or a specific minority group, you must create good faith outreach programs to address the issue.

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