gavel- representing a suit against Convergys for failing to provide affirmative action plansWith 2016 coming to a close the Office of Federal Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announces a flurry of settlements, with Hormel Foods Corporation being the latest casualty. During a scheduled compliance evaluation between February 2008 – February 2009, Hormel Foods Corporation was found to have discriminatory hiring practices against 403 qualified women for entry-level job openings. The $550,000 settlement will be divided up equally between the 403 affected class members and includes retroactive seniority, back pay, and interest. Though admitting no wrongdoing, Hormel Foods Corporation agreed to the settlement and will hire 37 women of the affected class.OFCCP Settlement and Findings

  • The contractor failed to maintain adequate records related to its hiring practices
  • The contractor was found to have discriminated against 403 women in entry level production positions 
  • The contractor must hire 37 of the affected class women 
  • The contractor must demonstrate to OFCCP during future reporting periods that they have corrected their inadequate recordkeeping practices
  • The contractor must pay $550K in back pay to the 403 women

The big takeaway here was Hormel Foods Corporation failure to monitor its hiring and selection practices and maintain adequate records to defend their position. CRI has found over the years that poor recordkeeping and a contractor’s failure to monitor their selection practices make them easy prey for OFCCP.Career Resources can assist you in reviewing your selection process and conduct these analyses when preparing your affirmative action plan It is not only important that you prepare an affirmative action plan but implement and disseminate the plan to managers and HR team members. If you do not understand the statistical reports and red flags that have been identified in your affirmative action plan you may contact CRI for assistance ­

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