An OFCCP Audit can be a very nerve racking experience

Going it alone could be disastrous! So how is your company selected for an OFCCP Audit? Good question! The OFCCP’s Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS) is, per their website,

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“an administratively neutral selection system that uses multiple information sources and analytical procedures to identify Federal contractor establishments for evaluation.”

But if you read the full description of the FCCS you soon realize that the system is a form of profiling. Yep, that’s right, your luck of the draw was not coincidental.

The OFCCP’s system utilizes a mathematical model that is explained as follows:

“The mathematical model is based on external research conducted by research firm Westat. Westat thoroughly analyzed data from five years of OFCCP compliance evaluations to formally identify and characterize relationships between reported EEO-1 workforce profiles and findings of discrimination (defined as a compliance evaluation that resulted in a conciliation agreement in the amount of $100,000 or more between 1995 to 2000)”.

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Wow! Kinda makes things a little serious – doesn’t it? The good news is that Career Resources, Inc., has been representing federal contractors in OFCCP Audits since 1979 and during this time we have learned a thing or two (well… maybe a thousand things). What we know is that with the OFCCP you have to expect the unexpected – seriously! Good intentions don’t count. The Audit is not just about your Affirmative Action Plan, but your practices, policies, personnel activity data, compensation practices, data integrity, your employees (past and present) and your managers

Here is where we come in

The Career Resources Audit Support Task Force is prepared for the unexpected with quick strike support, expertise and training. By equipping your human resources and management teams with the analyses, coaching, and documentation needed to prepare for an audit, we bolster your confidence and competence during the audit.

Our audit support service ensures that you are not alone during an audit. From the moment you receive a scheduling letter or notice of audit, Career Resources will appoint a past OFCCP Compliance Officer to begin reviewing two years (and in some cases three years) of your data in order to conduct a vulnerability test and identify potential areas of exposure. A federal audit by OFCCP can be extremely taxing emotionally and on the limited resources of you Human Resources Staff. By partnering with our seasoned team of OFCCP audit experts, we can eliminate the unknown, as well as bring sanity and confidence to the process.

We can interface directly with OFCCP on your behalf and monitor the entire audit process, ensuring that information and documents are properly reviewed, scrubbed, and formatted in a way that most favorably represents your company.

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