Affirmative Action Plans


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are looking for an Affirmative Action Plan Consultant or EEO assistance. We’d be happy to help you with your objectives, your corporate initiatives and assisting you reach your immediate and long term Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), EEO and Diversity goals. As your Affirmative Action Plan Stewards™ we provide an all-in-one Affirmative Action Plan Solution.

Map of CRI affirmative action plan clients

Affirmative Action Plan All-in-One Solution

  • Narrative for Women and Minorities
  • Narrative for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Job Group Analysis
  • Availability Analysis
  • Incumbency vs Availability Analysis
  • Placement Rate Goals
  • Prior Year Progress towards Goal Report
  • Impact Ratio Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Applicant Flow Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Termination Analysis
  • New Hire Analysis
  • Executive Reports
  • Review of Policies
  • Review of Selection Practices
  • Multi-Establishment Affirmative Action Coordination
  • OFCCP Vulnerability Audits
  • Consultations With Past OFCCP Compliance Officers

"Career Resources has assisted our company in the preparation of our AAP for over 25 years!"

-Carrie Shelieg, CFO

Audit Support and Strategic Planning

  • Develop OFCCP Audit Strategic Plan
  • Interface With OFCCP (per Clients Requests)
  • Analyze OFCCP’s Requests to Determine Audit Focus
  • Additional Data Prep for OFCCP
  • Prepare Correspondence in Response to OFCCP’s Requests
  • Respond to OFCCP’s Requests for Information
  • Strategic Planning Regarding OFCCP Requests for Information
  • Prepare Additional Analysis if Requested
  • Continual Communication Regarding Audit Status
  • Provide Support During OFCCP Onsite
  • Participate During OFCCP Onsite
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by Job Group
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by Job Title
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by Department
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by Requisition
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by Selection Stage
  • Detailed Reconciliation of Data (if needed)
  • Pre-Audit Training of HR Teams
  • Pre-Audit Training for Managers

“With the assistance of CRI, we have passed every OFCCP audit for the past 20 years”

Free- Year Round Online Training and Courses

  • Access to National OFCCP Audit Trends
  • OFCCP Legal Updates
  • Affirmative Action Basics
  • Navigating an OFCCP Audit
  • Affirmative Action Training for HR Teams
  • Tips on How to Pass an OFCCP Audit
  • Affirmative Action Training for Managers
  • Applicant Tracking Best Practices
  • Year Round Compliance Resource
  • Evaluation of Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Veterans and Disabled Regulations
  • Your Compensation and the OFCCP
  • Recruitment Best Practices
  • Online Sexual Harassment Training for Managers
  • Online Sexual Harassment Training for Employees
  • ADA Website Accessibility Assessment