As your Affirmative Action Plan Stewards™, we provide an all-in-one affirmative action plan solution that includes everything you need to update policies, practices, programs, outreach and monitoring programs – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful support and training to make your life easier.Here are a few reasons why you should select Career Resources as your Affirmative Action Plan Stewards™:

Being in business since 1979 means that we are here stay and to support all you future needs. We also have developed 1,000’s of Affirmative Action and Diversity Plans for companies in all industries and our services have been provided in over 40 states.
Not only do we prepare your Affirmative Action Plan, we are there for you when you need us most – During an OFCCP Audit. Our support is of the highest quality, and all questions receive a response from one of our many dedicated Senior Consultants or a past Federal Compliance Officer.
Career Resources will assist you in setting up ALL of your processes to become compliant. We pride ourselves on making the introduction into the affirmative action world painless.
If you have been caught off guard and are being audited by the OFCCP or you need an AAP delivered immediately due to receiving a Federal Contract/Sub-contract, our staff will diligently work with you to meet your deadline.
When customers suggest ideas, we take them on board and include them in our process. We do this simply because no one understands our customers needs better than our customers
Having clients in over 40 states means that we have our finger on the pulse of what that latest OFCCP audit process is and demands are. Our clients benefit from this as we share this knowledge in webinars, onsite training and our newsletter. Our day to day monitoring ensures that you are up to date with the latest in affirmative action compliance.
Each client is assigned three (3) dedicated CRI team members to prepare their affirmative action plan, work with them through audits, provide support and address day to day questions that may arise.
As we build your AAP it is important that you understand the process, reports/analysis and most importantly how OFCCP will use this information in an audit. This added knowledge ensures that you can speak the OFCCP language, disseminate critical information to managers and supervisors as well as your
We are with our clients through the entire OFCCP audit process, meaning you never have to go it alone. We will interpret OFCCP requests, interface with them and be onsite with you should the need arise.
The Career Resources Affirmative Action Plan Stewards™ quickly identify systems, practices, and managers that could financially impact your company, all of this happens well before an OFCCP audit, giving you time to correct potential issues.
Nothing is worse than being caught off guard. The Career Resources Team has past OFCCP Compliance Officers and seasoned audit specialists on staff to eliminate the unknown. We work with you to correct issues before an OFCCP audit. The Career Resources AAP development is an ongoing program which is designed and executed to analyze your affirmative action performance and improve your compliance status in future audits.
As an added benefit we can provide training to your human resources team, recruiters, support staff and managers.
Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, we offer competitive pricing.
With a Career Resource value added solution we provide you with the tools necessary to implement your program so that it makes sense and is fully implemented and disseminated to managers and your HR staff.
Staffed by a team of passionate and experienced, and dedicated people. We have big plans to dominate the Affirmative Action and Diversity industries and that all starts with you.

With Career Resources Incorporated you will receive the highest quality of service!

Our team of experts will be there to guide you through your affirmative action plan every step of the way. Find out how  you can get started!